Christmas Villages - The difference in molds and paint job.

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  • Christmas Villages - The difference in molds and paint job.

    I commented in another topic (can't remember where) about one of the village houses I bought about a month ago and that I had seen another one on Ebay with a reverse mold that had the silo on the opposite side of the house than my house did. I have never noticed before that the houses could be so different. I know I have seen the differences before when shopping Ebay but without the house in front of me I just thought I had remembered it wrong but when I bought the barn/house this year I still had it upstairs when I saw the other one on Ebay and I was able to compare them.

    Well once again I was browsing Ebay and spotted another house I know is different than mine. The dark paint job on the one on Ebay is so different that I knew it wasn't the same as mine. The front window of the shop is also different.

    Have any of you noticed any differences in any of your buildings?
    Same as mine - Pic from Ebay Reverse mold - Pic from Ebay Same as mine - Pic from Ebay Different paint job - Pic from Ebay
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