Paint It's 2014 Prop Contest Entry - Folk Art Christmas Collection

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  • Paint It's 2014 Prop Contest Entry - Folk Art Christmas Collection

    For this year's contest, I decided to submit a "Folk Art Christmas Collection" of acrylic paintings on canvas.

    I have always loved the look of the old-school Santas, and I also love folk art. So, this will be my attempt at making my own. I bought the supplies a while back, and since then have been pretty busy with activities surrounding our kids and grandkids. Here's a breakdown of the costs:

    (2) 11 x 14 canvas @ $2.96 each
    (1) 8 x 10 canvas @ $2.30
    (9) craft paints at $ .33 each
    paint brushes $2
    pencil with good eraser $1
    T = $14.19

    Here's a photo of the supplies with a dated receipt to serve as the dated material.

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    Started out by sketching the outline of my santa onto the canvas in pencil.

    Also sketched one of his reindeer. This one is a little harder to see.

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      Yes, you should paint it, Paint It ! LOL

      Sounds great! I hope it turns into a masterpiece.


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        OK, LOL. Here's a start:


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          Looking good!


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            What a wonderfully unique entry. I love it. I will look forward to seeing them as they progress.


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              Thanks everyone. My first in the collection is going to be "Blue Santa." I wanted a blue Santa because I am decorating the condo this year with a beachy theme, using shells and blue colors in my tree, garland, etc. I still need to do the background, but here is my progress so far on Blue Santa. In addition to a background color, I might also add some snowflakes and snow on the tree.


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                Got the background painted.

                Still needed something, so I used the eraser of my pencil dipped in white paint to make the "snow," and also added some snow to the tree branches.

                "Blue Santa" is done. Now, when I get a little more time this week, it is on to the rest of the "Christmas Folk Art Collection."
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                  love the blue Santa, Paint it,,, what a unique idea, Christmas Folk Art,,, can not wait to see the rest of what you paint!
                  my pinterest page:


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                    Blue Santa looks great, Paint It! Nice work.

                    "I'll be a bluuuuue Santa, without youuuu.........."


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                      Haha Grinch.

                      Here's the start of Folk Art Reindeer. I need to tone down the green background a bit, I think.


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                        That is so cute. I wouldn't tone it down. I would make it richer, like a christmas tree green.


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                          Thanks, and yes, I think we are on the same page, JW. I like this color a lot better.

                          Here he is in the snow.

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                            Very nice! Great job!


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                              Thanks Donny. Today I am trying to finish up with a more traditional colored Santa for the collection. Now that I have my design down, it doesn't take much time. Only for the paint to dry, so I can add the layer of snow falling down around them. The deadline is closing in, but I think I will make it.


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