2014 Christmas prop challenge

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  • thank you every one,, and congrats to the other entries,, everyone's was great, every year I appreciate the creativity of every one!!

    thank you to all who gave to the prizes. I hope some day I can afford to do the same, again,,my sincere thanks! you guys rock!
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    • I was very impressed with the unique creativity that went into each project.

      Bethene's excellent figure making skills blew me away. The simplicity of the scene, the humbleness of the clothing, the majestic beauty of the angel, all worked so perfectly together.

      EnlightenedGrinch... Your animation skills always amaze me. And this project was no exception. I know that took some engineering talent to make work.

      Paint It is on to a wonderful idea. I love the Folk Art concept. We have never had such an entry since I have been a member. The characters you chose and the colors all worked together to bring out the Christmas spirit. I loved that you did two renditions of St Nick.

      Donny, what a beautiful entry you made. I know it had to be rather time-consuming but the final outcome was surely worth it. We have had many beautiful wreath entries over the years but I have to say yours is one of the prettiest.

      congratulations to the winners, and thank you for all taking part. I do hope next year we have more entries. Well, we say that every year. LOL.

      dont forget to vote in the tie breaker poll.


      • Thanks a lot, Whisper!


        • JW, thank you for taking the time to make such thoughtful comments on our projects. It means a lot!


          • Yes, thank you, Melissa, for running the contest, and for the nice comments!

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            • Great contest and awesome entries!


              • That was such a close contest all the way from beginning to end. But the final results are in.

                Another big congratulations to everyone.

                First place...Bethene
                Second place...Grinch
                Third place...Paint It
                Fourth place...Donny

                I loved your entries. I always enjoy running any of our activities. It is so much fun trying to make it all interesting and enjoyable for everyone. I still wish we could get 3 or 4 more people involved next year.

                Anyway, I will contact each of you regarding your prizes. Thanks for taking part.


                • I know this is late but I just joined the group... This is so cool!


                  • It seems every year I miss the contest. So when do I need to look for it to start?
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                    • Usually sometime in February (at least, that's when it used to start).


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