2014 Christmas prop challenge

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  • 2014 Christmas prop challenge

    Well, it's that time of year again when we all get to bicker about the rules of how this thing works.

    We get to bicker when it starts, the theme, what we can use as "free", how much we can spend..... I could go on and on.

    I believe (actually know) we are a bit late on this year's challenge, but I realize it has been cold, stormy and hectic for most of us. (hectic here, the weather has been great!)

    SO while I am putting this out there, I hope that doesn't infer that I will be in any way in charge of it.

    Let's get started!

    World's Best Manager

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    Well thank you SO MUCH Theedwin for starting such a great and thoughtful thread!

    I have an idea, why not have this year's theme be PENGUINS!

    World's Best Manager


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      Ha ha. I would be down with penguins. They are so cute. Of course, a guy named Edwin may have the upper hand in the contest.


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        I apologize for the delay ( a month and a half late) . To be perfectly honest I completely forgot about it. Thank you Edwin for getting the ball rolling.

        Yes, please do make any suggestions for themes. I know last year several people wanted to have no theme this year and be able to do whatever they want. So I will consider that idea number two with penguins as idea number one.

        After we have a satisfactory number of ideas (4-5) I will post a poll.

        Any members who wish to donate prizes please contact me. As last year any members who donate prizes will still be eligible to participate but will remain anonymous until after the winners are announced. Does anyone know how to get in touch with Val? I wanted to see if she wanted to sponsor us again this year. Where is sickie when we need him?

        After we decide on a theme I will post the ever controversial list of freebies and the rules. Please keep in mind this is my first year doing this so you may need to help me along.


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          I forgot about the contest too, until about a week ago when my wife asked me: "Are you guys doing the prop contest this year?" LOL

          I don't really have any theme ideas. I'm just hoping to have time to make something this year.


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            ....so let's start griping about the rules now. OK I'll start... LOL

            I think there should be changes made. I completely got away with murder last year with what's considered free.

            Here's a change I'd like to see.

            If an item or supply on the free list is bought specifically for the creation of the prop then it's cost is included.

            Toilet paper was giving the free stamp. There is enough tp in that deer I made to keep a family of four happily clean for two months. BTW, that reindeer is still standing! No cracking or stressing around the legs or feet!

            To get even more interesting how about this. Get away from the cost thing all together. The idea is to create a prop that YOU want to use. Weather it's $5 or $500. Because this IS a crafting challenge every part of the entry must be,
            hand made
            Modifications made are evident enough to be judges as a skill. The skill of the creator and not the item itself should be considered when judging.

            This means EVREY PART. Does not mean the creator of the prop can't add non modified things to the prop. Judging would have to reflect the creators choices.

            Example. Let's say this year's prop theme is "Santa and...." This could be Santa and penguins, Santa and elves, Santa and teddy bears, Santa and a bag of toys, Santa and a beer, Santa and the Rolling Stones...... So someone goes with the teddy bear idea. Buys $500 worth of thrift store bears. Hand ties a bow around each of the 400 or so toys. Like you would when tying your shoes. Then sets them around one of those life sized dancing Santas. Finished prop. Insane level? Very high. Skill level? None. Judging would have to remain simple. But reflect more on the likes of the judge. Still giving credit to someone who creates or skillfully modifies things.

            Yep, given this some thought....

            First idea for everyone who decided to judge.
            Three questions with four possible answers each. Each answer possible has an attached number. Like golf the lower the score the better. Answer values from one to four. So the absolute best score would be '3'. Worst would be '12' All three questions have to be answered.

            1 Do you like this prop? Yes=1, Somewhat =2, It's OK =3 and No =4
            2 Hand made and purchased item modification skills? Highly skilled =1, Good =2 Fair =3 and poor =4.
            3 Overall skill? High =1, Medium =2, Low =3 and What? =4.

            One mod to this would be to make the first question's answers higher values. Like '"Yes=1, Somewhat =4, It's OK =6 and No =8.

            Yes, this is by no means perfect. And as it stands now doesn't work well. However this could take the place of the cost limit. Thus taking care of that problem by replacing it with another one. Now we can all gripe about the judging. LOL
            There is beauty in a winter's full moon. Glittering off the snow between the shadows of barren branches.


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              I know, double post. Before I forget,

              Idea for a prop theme. "Santa and." A Santa with something. This could be anything that matches your decor. Could even be something as Santa with something. Like a Santa teddy bear with a sack of toys.
              There is beauty in a winter's full moon. Glittering off the snow between the shadows of barren branches.


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                Putrid, your suggestions hold much merit. Some people in our group do not vote based on the creativity, talent, time involved, or how well the prop fit the theme. They choose what they like best. So while the number system may not be perfect I do believe it might make some people think more about how the project was made before voting. It could get rather complicated though.

                As for the cost limit...some of our members operate on a very tight budget. With no limit someone may spend $100 on their prop. It could be mostly all handcrafted or well modified so it would look awesome. Someone on a very small budget may only be able to spend $30. While their project may be great it may not be able to compete with the larger one. Now here is where the real problem comes in. Let's say everyone really likes the bigger project better. But we are a very compassionate group. We see the workmanship in both projects but feel bad for the person who made the smaller one knowing they are on a tight budget. So they get pity votes. Not fair to the person who spent 50 hours handcrafting a work of art. I do feel we need to have a spending limit.

                I also agree we need to work on the freebie list. I like your idea of "if you paid for it then it is not "free". Maybe we should keep the list down to recyclables only. And just because it is recyclable doesn't mean it should be on the list. A rubbermaid container is recyclable but would not be on the list. You get the idea. This is my suggested list for freebies.

                1. Any used liquid or food container made from glass, metal, or plastic (milk, cottage cheese, wine, cat food, etc)
                2. Any cardboard from food containers (cereal, grits, mac & cheese, etc)
                3. Cardboard from boxes that products were shipped in. For example, a box from Penzoil oil, medical supplies, soup flats from the grocery store, recycled USPS boxes.

                Generic boxes like shipping cartons and packing boxes will be charged at 30% of what it would cost to purchase the box. Same for things like poster board.
                I am up in the air about newspapers. I know they have always been free since they are recyclables. But someone could get $10 worth of free papers and build an entire papier mache project. I think since they were originally something someone bought, just like used packing boxes, they should be prorated to 30%. Feel free to use the free local activities paper instead.


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                  JW....since I've not been on here as long as most people here, has anyone suggested that there maybe be 2 categories? Say as an example....Category 1 would be up to $50 bucks, the 2nd category would be say up to $100 bucks. People could enter either one or the other or even both. Again these dollar amounts are just used for examples. This way it does give a little more room to work with in both categories and it gives people to be a little more creative with their projects.

                  There would also be 2 winners (one from each category), you might use the same theme for both, or choose to have a different theme for each one. I personally would think that having a different theme for each one would be the best way to go if you or everyone would choose to go this way with the contest. That way, as you've stated in earlier post, people won't feel bad about making the project if there were 2 different themes as they might if the same theme was used in both categories. You know, comparing a $100 theme to a $50 one of the same thing.

                  Anyway, it's a thought that has been on my mind since the last one from last years competition. People wanting to do more but were unable to because of such smaller limits on dollar amounts that could be spent.

                  So, you might think it over and maybe see what everyone else thinks about it and go from there!


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                    Cool idea Falasben. However the idea of having two categories would also mean more sponsored items for winners. Not that easy to come by.

                    Just Whisper, your newspaper example is perfect for my suggestion of 'if you bought it for the prop then the total cost is added." Pro rating of corse for the amount not used.

                    What about a contest with a set supply list? No theme. A 'what can you make with this' contest.

                    Example list of supplies might be,

                    A. One used plastic container. =Hair soap, yogurt, milk jug, microwave serving tray, dish soap and the like.
                    B. No more than one yard of material. As many colors and types. Entry can not exceed one yard total. Yard = 36 x 60 inches.
                    C. Glue of choice.
                    D. Recycled cardboard. No more than one yard total used. Yard = 36x36 inches
                    E. 36 inches of wire.
                    F. Paints and sealer of choice.
                    Two items of your choice. These are things or supplies you can add to the pile to help create your entry. These items can not be,
                    1 the main focus of the entry.
                    2 cost more than $5 an item. Price can be prorated amount of item used.
                    3 Under full price. Any item chosen must be fair market value of less than $5 new. Inflation percentages must be added to old items. What would it coast today?
                    4 more of any of the items on the supplies list.

                    Items A threw F must be used in the making of the entry. You can choose weather or not to add two more items to it.

                    Perhaps an explanation of '1' is needed. Say you buy a cheap teddy bear. Grind the plastic container up to use as snow. Make a chair out of the material, cardboard and wire. The sit the bear in the chair. The bear becomes the focal point of the prop. Not the chair.
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                    There is beauty in a winter's full moon. Glittering off the snow between the shadows of barren branches.


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                      Falasben, putrid is correct. While that is a very interesting idea we also need to keep this simple. It is really hard to get enough sponsors for even 3 winners. I am stretching my brain trying to come up with people I may be able to ask for a donation.

                      Putrid, great suggestion but we really need to keep this simple. LOL. I will keep your suggestion in mind Putrid but a much simpler version like they use on hauntforum.

                      These are some great ideas coming in. Can we hear from a few more of you?


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                        I like the "Santa and Beer" idea that Putrid suggested!!!! LOL That should be 3rd on the list! (2 more to go guys!) (we could always get a Beer sponsor JW!)

                        Ah yes, and now comes the bickering. Did I call it or what? As far as the rules go, I am fine with last years rules. I don't see why we would have to change them every year like we have and always seem to do. If it's good enough for last year it should be good enough for this year. (that way we won't have any bickering.) LOL But that's my opinion.

                        Oh, and by the way Putrid, I have a family (well kinda) of 4 that could use some TP. Can you send I borrow one of those legs?
                        World's Best Manager


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                          I guess my opinion is to not make it too hard for people to enter, whether it's the theme, cost, or the rules. We don't want to discourage people from participating. Even though my project was pretty small compared to others last year, I still had a great time doing the contest. All the teasing and ideas flying around were really fun. I hope lots of people want to join in this time.

                          And I think people did probably take into consideration the skills and workmanship when they judged last year. I know I did when I saw some of the amazing stuff you guys were accomplishing.

                          One more thing, personally, I enjoy having a theme, rather than no theme at all.
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                            Sounds like we better hire a lawyer to figure this out............................


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                              Nope. No lawyer needed. I am going to listen to all the suggestions and then do what I want. LOL. But I really do want to keep this simple. I am not making a lot of changes to the rules. Just the freebie list.

                              Here are the theme suggestions so far:

                              1. No theme
                              2. Penguins
                              3. Santa and _________
                              4. Mcguyver (given a list of items from which you must use a certain number)

                              Still looking for another idea or two.


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