Just Whisper's 2011 Prop Challenge Entry...Xenux

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  • Just Whisper's 2011 Prop Challenge Entry...Xenux

    I woke up Friday and decided to build something. I did, but it didn't work quite right. So Saturday I rebuilt it 3 times. Still not what I was hoping for. Sunday, down to the wire I started all over again. Finally, something worthy (I hope) of posting.

    Here is Xenux, the magical light tangling horse.

    Horse...pulled out of neighbors trash last year. I bought the same horse at a thrift store for $25. So 30% of that would be $7.50
    Fabric that was on horse from last project...$10.
    2 reindeer motors...one was free (30% of $10. = $3.00) and one I got for 50 cents at a yard sale for total of $3.50
    PVC pipe...$0.50
    PVC caps (2)...$1.00
    Lights...$1.00 at yard sale
    Plywood scraps...$2.00
    Screws, washers, bolts...(some new, some recycled) $3.00
    Pipe cleaners...$0.05
    Fabric scrap...recycled from trash...$0.25

    Total cost approx $30.05. (I overestimated what stuff actually cost me to be on the safe side).

    Here is the story of Xenux. I am sorry it is so long.

    Many years ago there was a story told of a lovable young horse who loved Christmas so much that he absorbed the actual magic of it.

    The town is called Christmas. It is a small town cozied in at the foot of Peppermint Mountain. Very few people even know of itís existence. It is their loss because Christmas is filled with the spirit of caring and giving all year through. But today is a special day in Christmas. It is December first; the day in which everyone in town works side by side decorating the town for the upcoming holiday. The very holiday, in fact, for which the town was named.

    Everyone, including the children and even the animals, gets to help put up the colored lights, the sparkling tinsel, the giant town tree, and the angels that hang from the light posts. Every home has a beautiful wreath adorning its door. This is one of the most exciting days in the year in Christmas, and no one was more excited than Xenux. He was a young horse, owned by a 7 year old girl named Kera. This would be the first year Xenux got to help decorate the town. He was not the most graceful horse on the farm and was teased on occasion for his silly antics and his habit of getting tangled in his own feet.

    True to his reputation Xenux managed to make a mess of everything he touched. He couldnít help it. He just got so excited over Christmas and looking forward to seeing the lights he turned into a total klutz. Even as he got older he always ended up covered in tinsel and wearing more lights than he got on the tree. But you could not get mad at him for he was a good natured horse and everyone loved him. As Kera got older she eventually left the farm and started her own family. Xenux, while still as mischievous as ever, was getting on in years. One Christmas Kera came back to the farm and Xenux was nowhere to be found.

    No one ever truly knew what happened to Xenux, but it is said that on December first, if you look into your Christmas storage area you will see the spirit of Xenux working frantically to get untangled from the mess of lights he made while trying to help you decorate for the holiday.

    Sickie...I am not sure if this is acceptable. No one around here gets a real newspaper. This has a delivery date which I thought might be acceptable. It shows it must be delivered between those dates, and you know the US mail is reliable. LOL If it is not good, I understand.

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    These are the leg assemblies with the pvc posts inserted. I changed the design on attempt #4, so they no longer have the notches in them.

    These are the motors mounted inside the horse body. They have the pvc caps attached to the shafts for the legs to push into.

    This is the finished magical, mischievous wonder horse. I braided his hair, made him a Christmas blanket, put a big ribbon around his neck, painted his hooves red and white, and added the lights.

    Here is another night shot.

    Video will be posted as soon as it is done uploading to Photobucket...Hopefully by 10:45 pm.


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      Wow! That's a terrific looking prop, Whisper! And done in such a short time, too.
      I love the story and Xenux looks awesome! Great job!


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        Thanks Grinch. Here is the video...hopefully:


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          The video looks great! Is that "Last Christmas I gave you my Heart" playing?
          Great video production!


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            Why yes it is Grinch. One of my favorites. And thanks again for the nice comments.


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              JW very nice work!!! Its going to look great in your Christmas display this year!!!
              Now if I could just get one more... right there... what the...


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                Everything looks on the up and up to me JW!

                Did you use the stall feature to reverse the motors after a certain point on the legs? If so, what did you use to have the legs press against?

                I could sooooo easily see a number of same mechs in a row for flying reindeer!
                People really act weird at Christmas time. After all, what other time of year do you sit in front of a dead tree in the living room and eat nuts and sweets out of your socks?


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                  Sickie, I actually had to let them go as far as they could on their own in both directions. When the leg would hit the body in the up position it would reverse and when it couldn't pull any more weight in the down position it would reverse. I wanted to put a limiter on it but when I limited the travel it wouldn't run at all. Go figure.


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                    JW that is outstanding. I'm amazed you made that in such a short period of time.

                    Super job!!!



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                      I think the leg movement looks perfect like it is now.
                      We'll start calling you the "Deer Motor Queen".


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                        Great job JW!!! 2 reindeer motors! NICE (you know I love those things!) Great movement!

                        Question, how in the H E double hockey sticks do you pronounce Xenux? I was pronouncing as I read it "Zeenoose". Just wondering.

                        I thought I saw some large cats rummaging through my Christmas lights last year, but now that you mention it....

                        Great job JW!
                        World's Best Manager


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                          Hey Edwin, thanks and nice to see you back around here. The name is pronounced ZEE-nix. Yep, I bet it was that wascally horse in your lights. LOL


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                            JW, he is Precious! Great story too :-)
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                              JW, nice work!!


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