CHRISTMAS ART CONTEST. Any Medium. Show us your talent. PRIZES!!!

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  • CHRISTMAS ART CONTEST. Any Medium. Show us your talent. PRIZES!!!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	framed-painting-clipart-Clipart-Cartoon-Design-15.gif Views:	1 Size:	57.7 KB ID:	185295

    Are you an accomplished or budding artist, a dabbler, a crafter, a doodler? Do you enjoy painting, sketching,
    working with clay, pastels, stamping, doing paper art, or any other art medium? Then we have the perfect contest for you.

    The concept is simple. Create a piece of art that is Christmas oriented. Get out your Popsicle sticks, paint brushes,
    clay, crayons, paper mache, or anything you want to work with. There are no limits on size or how much it cost to make.
    Don't sell yourself short if you don't have a lot of experience. Have fun and let your creative juices flow.
    And it works like most of our other contests. Unfortunately it involves a lot of little details. Read them before entering, please.

    Here are some rules and outlines.Click image for larger version  Name:	calendar.jpg Views:	1 Size:	73.7 KB ID:	185296

    1. Contest will begin March 17 and end midnight (PST) April 17, 2017.
    2.Your artwork must be original and created solely by you
    3. Your entry must be created specifically for this contest
    4. It must be Christmas themed
    5. You must be a member in good standing (no banned members, no reprimands)
    6. You must have at least 10 legitimate posts
    7. All members of CFC are eligible to enter

    Click image for larger version  Name:	cartoon-pottery-girl-13858577.jpg Views:	1 Size:	89.3 KB ID:	185298To take part in the contest here's what to do:

    1.Think of an idea
    2. Post on this thread that you want to take part.
    3. When you are ready to start posting about your project START A NEW THREAD under Contests titled ("xmascat's" 2016 ART entry)
    Please use YOUR member name. You do not have to have your thread posted until the end of the contest.
    4. When you are partially done with your project take a photo of yourself and your project holding a recent newspaper. You don't have to
    post this yet if you don't want anyone to see your unfinished work.
    5. When you are done your new thread should include:
    *At least two photos of your finished project. One of them should be added to your first post.
    *A description of your project and a bit about how you created it.
    *Your newspaper photo.


    *Voting will begin on April 18 and conclude April 25, 2017.

    *When the contest has concluded and all entries have been submitted a poll will be created on a separate thread.
    *Each member may vote once. IP addresses are tracked on here so anyone posting duplicate votes will be banned.
    No vote solicitation is allowed. You may advertise the contest in general.
    *First and second place winners will be officially announced on this thread

    Click image for larger version  Name:	puppy.jpg Views:	1 Size:	14.5 KB ID:	1852971st Place will receive a $50 gift card to either Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, or Michael's. Winner may choose. Gift card will be delivered via email.
    2nd Place will receive a $25 gift card to either Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, or Michael's. Winner may choose. Gift card will be delivered via email.
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    I am not an artist at all, but I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. Good luck!
    Check out my Christmas reviews.


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      Hmmm...I need something to get the creative juices flowing but the time frame is really bad for me. Not committing yet, but not saying no either.

      Question about the newspaper for the photo. Our local paper is published weekly but I'm assuming that as long as I can get the date of the paper In the shot it would be OK?

      looks like I need to get posting too!


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        Lizzy, nice to see you on here. I seriously hope you will be able to join the contest. Don't worry about the newspaper. Anything with a current date is fine. Even a weekly or monthly publication.
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          I have been tossing ideas around in the old noggin, have a glimmer of a plan
          my pinterest page:


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            Hi bethene, so nice to see you. I know you will come up with something brilliant. Or at least wonderful. hehe. I am glad you are taking part.

            I guess I will play too. I am having trouble deciding which of my arts and craft boxes to drag out.

            Keep in mind that "Christmas" can also mean simply winter. So your theme doesn't have to include Santa or angels or decorated trees, etc. Well, I guess where I live that would be a picture of palm trees and kids playing outside in their shorts and T-shirt. Not very Christmasy I guess. But I think you get the gist.


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              I have mine started, need to remember to take a picture of my project with the paper Sunday, we don't get it every day so need to take it before I get too far,,I guess I need to start a thread too,,,
              my pinterest page:


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                I have started to start mine three times and keep getting interrupted. Maybe I can start tonight.

                Anyone else participating or started on their project? You're going to make it easy for Bethene and I to walk away with the prizes. LOL?


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                  yeah, we need more to join us!!!

                  I took the picture of my project with the paper, but not with me in it,, no one wants to see me!! working on it slow, but it is starting to take shape!
                  my pinterest page:


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                    ok i think i am going to join this let me d some brain storming
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                      okso do i post my project here /


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                        Didn't have time to get an entry completed but looking forward to seeing the entries.


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                          Post entries under CONTENTS


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                            lol to funny I thought yesterday was the 17th lol


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                              Shoot, I lost track of the final dates, need to get my project done!
                              my pinterest page:


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