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  • Hello from the PNW

    Hello and Happy Holidays! (I will be saying Merry Christmas as it gets closer ) ~ My name is Miss Hallows Eve and I found this forum via the Halloween Forum. So happy to be here! I live in WA state. Share my life with a grown son, the hubs and a mini zoo of animals (dogs, cats, snakes, fish, tarantulas, cats and rats - 99% have been rescues). I am not a real traditional Christmas type of person though that is how I grew up. I do, however, enjoy all of the traditional Christmas programs I grew up with, Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolph, etc. Never have been a fan of Frosty the Snowman though. He gives me the creeps!! We hang stockings and usually have a small tree but unless the gift is hand made, we do not exchange presents but I do buy for family and friends (or hand craft). That is just something my son and I came up with a few years ago (and the hubs went along VERY eargerly. Lol!) for we witnessed quite a few nasty Christmas happenings (and not to mention one try at Black Friday) that changed our outlook about gift giving. Lol!

    Anyway - I came to this forum to get ideas for decorating and gift making. I am not much of a crafter but do enjoy making small things for people.

    Thank-you for having me and I look forward to being an active member!

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Frosty likes you anyway ��
    Nutcracker fetishist.
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      Welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay.
      The only people who grow old were born old to begin with


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        Welcome to the forum. It is nice to have you here. Many of us belong to both forums so you will run into us pretty frequently if you are a member of both forums.



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          Welcome .


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            Welcome to the forum!

            I'm not a big fan of Frosty either.


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              Thank-you Everyone for the wonderful welcomes Yes, I am a member of both forums. I try to be as active as possible on the Halloween forum and will do the same here as well

              Very nice 'meet' you all!


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                Seasons greetings and welcome to the forum. I am also a member on the Halloween forum and go by justwhisper on there as well. In fact, you and I are exchanging Christmas cards on the Halloween forum. We are really happy to have you here and will look forward to hearing more about your Christmas ideas and getting to know you better. I have to admit I have never been a big fan of frosty either. I just don't know what it is about him but I do not think he is cute. Bumble, on the other hand is adorable. LOL.


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                  Hello and welcome to CFC! Glad you found us and we hope you will continue to join in during the off season as well. We talk mostly Christmas, but during the rest of the year we get involved in other conversation about what's happening with each of us as the year progresses. You talked about Black Friday, we years ago when Black Friday was sane and not the free-for-all it is today, they were fun! but now you would have to pay me a lot of money to go and join in. I mean people beating up on each other, really takes away from the real or true meaning of the holiday we all love.


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                    Welcome to the forum.
                    Prieci'gus Ziemsve'tkus un Laimi'gu Jauno Gadu! (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Latvian)


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                      I am new too! Not from the Halloween forum though. I also live in WA! I hope you are handling the storms OK!


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                        Hello Mrs. Scallon!

                        Yes, so far we have only had a very short power outage due to the storms. Hopefully you are fairing well too! Always nice to see a 'neighbor' on the forums!! Nice to meet you!


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