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    I was in here a couple years ago as Dinky318, but I totally forgot my email address to reset my password. Iíve been missing this forum, because for the past couple years I have not been feeling Christmas. I have everything outside set up but I have yet to light anything up, and I have yet to put up a Christmas tree. This is so unheard of for me. Iím just not feeling it, so Iím back to see if I can get the feeling through yíall ⛄️

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    Hello Light Bug. Welcome back to the forum. I think we all go through periods where we are not feeling Christmassy. I went through that the past couple of years but I am finally on the other side of it. I am still not super excited but at least I put up my tree and am still working on putting up my village. I haven't put it up for a couple of years. I am still slow to decorate but I am trying to get back into the spirit. I went through it with Halloween decorating too but it is mostly because I have had health issues.
    Sometimes we do too much and spend so much time thinking about Christmas, or planning our decorating in our heads, that it isn't surprising we get burned out from time to time.

    I hope you can get your Christmas mojo back. Maybe decorating your outside is enough for this season. Maybe you just need a year or two break too. I wouldn't worry about it too much.



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