Good rules to follow when buying or selling

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  • Good rules to follow when buying or selling

    Hi all, I'm Carrie and I'm new to this site but I do see some familiar faces.

    I've bought and sold many blow molds and other Christmas decorations over the years (this year is my 40th year putting up a display) and I thought I'd mention some simple things I do to keep myself safe when buying or selling on the internet:

    1. Ask around and check with friends to see if they have ever bought or sold from the person you're thinking about dealing with. If they tell you they had a bad experience, don't go any further with it, better to be safe than sorry.

    2. If your selling, never ship until you receive your money and if you take a personal check, make sure it clears first.

    3. Use paypal if you can, at least you'll have some recourse if the deal goes bad

    4. If your buying from someone you don't know and/or can't verify their honesty, don't do it.

    5. If someone does take your money and doesn't provide the merchandise, keep in mind that Postal Authorities are always interested in mail fraud.

    6. The best recommendation I can make, do your homework, make sure the person you are dealing with is known within the community first and has a good reputation.
    Come see us!

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    Excellent advice Carrie! Thanks for posting this! Actually this should be a sticky.
    People really act weird at Christmas time. After all, what other time of year do you sit in front of a dead tree in the living room and eat nuts and sweets out of your socks?


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      Thank you Sickie, you just never know who is on the other side of a keyboard.
      Come see us!


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        Originally posted by Carrie View Post
        Thank you Sickie, you just never know who is on the other side of a keyboard.
        Truer words were never spoken. Thanks Carrie!


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          Lots of scammers out there, I've been lucky, haven't been ripped off....................yet.
          However, lol one lady on ebay tried!


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            The couple came to have a look!!!


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              Welcome Carrie to CFC! You know I've never seen the otherside of my keyboard. I wonder what I will find undernith it? LOL! But you are right, in this day and age with all the crap going on with the internet you really have to be careful on what you do and who to talk to! It really is sad that there are people out there that has to take something like the web and distort it and to make it almost evil. Where as the web can be a positive thing for everybody involved.

              Okay, I'm off my soap box now!


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