So I've bought 4 nutcrackers so far this year.

Two I got a Fred Meyer. It's getting a bit hard to find nutcrackers at Fred Meyer (and Macy's) that I don't already have (and that fit my buying criteria), but I did find two this year.

Here's the two I got a Freddy's. Sorry, the cat got in the way.

Next I went to HomeGoods. Fortunately - or unfortunately depending on how you look at it - they had an Ulbricht which, as usual, was just ... irresistable. My heart melted when I saw the thing. I simply could not resist. The good part was, it was only (or should I say, "only") $130, marked down from $260! I couldn't believe that price when I saw it, I knew Ulbrichts like that were usually way more expensive. So that sealed the deal.

Here he is:

I think that was the only Ulbricht one they had. They had some other semi-expensive ones, but not anything I was interested in. They did have some nice looking cheaper ones, so I decided to pick one up. I liked this guy:

Don't know if I'm going to get any more this year, I'd like to not spend any more money but you never know what else I might encounter that I can't resist!