OK I've been wanting to do this for a while.

Though I've had a few nutcrackers for several years, this year I began what I'm going to (eventually) call a "serious" nutcracker collection. They're so cute and Christmas-y I just can't help myself!

On Monday I found a store not too far from me that had some Ulbricht nutcrackers on sale. The store was a German deli-restaurant that also sold some trinkets and stuff, and they also happened to have some nutcrackers on sale, so I bought 3 of them. It was the last day of the sale! Today I discovered there's more stores near me that also sells that brand so ... watch out Visa card!

Don't ask me how much I spent!

When I saw these in the store they were beautiful!!! When you're used to cheap nutcrackers one can buy at Macy's or Fred Meyer or Target, and then suddenly one sees really nice ones like the ones I bought Monday, it's like driving a Chevy or Toyota all your life, and suddenly getting into a Mercedes or BWM for the first time! The craftmanship was unreal!

Anyway these are the three I bought Monday.

This first one was REALLY nice! I didn't really want to buy it due to, ermmm ... monetary reasons ... but I just couldn't resist.

Then I also got this. Both this and the one above are a little over a foot tall.

Then I got a smaller one.

Hope those hotlinks work. Later on I'll take a pic of my collection and show it here.

Beware: These things are addictive!