First off, I'm back but will be in spurts.
We decided to enter our train in our local Christmas parade.
This website shows a short version of some of the participants, scroll up to 2:30 and we will appear around 2:35 for about 15 secs of viewing.

It started out as heavy sprinkles in the morning of which we had to be down there at 730 in the morn and parade didnt start till 11. So we were pretty wet by the time it started. It took 25 mins to go through the parade route. Reminds me of Thanksgiving dinner, all day to prep for it and 10 mins to devour it.

Train went back into the yard for that nights viewing. Hoping to provide pictures later if I can find someone to take better pictures as mine come out too dark.

Daisy-Duck waves to all her friends.
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